Indiana florist allegedly turns down gay couple

Reports are saying that a gay couple were turned down by an Indiana floral business.

A vendor in the town of Avon, Indiana allegedly refused to sell flowers to pair of gay men planning to marry.

According to David Elliot – one of the men in question – he and partner Daniel Collins were turned away by the owner when they realized that the Collins-Elliot wedding did not include a bride.

According to a Facebook post by Elliot, the owner, Rita Harris, said she would “have to pass.”

Harris said that Elliot was depicting her incorrectly. She said that she did not refuse them service because of their sexuality.

“I never said that to him,” Harris told an interviewer.

Harris continued: “What I said to him was that it conflicted with a vacation I have planned and I wasn’t taking any more orders at this time.”

“I’m not planning to take any more weddings requests because I’m planning to retire,” she said.

The business has received negative reviews on their Yelp page.

Elliot said he disputes Harris’ account, but that he does not plan to take further action.

Indiana, the home of Vice President Michael Pence, has been regarded as a battleground state for LGBTQ rights in recent years.

According to Columbus-area station NBC4I, “Some small businesses in Indiana have made national headlines over the last three years for their refusal to serve members of the LGBT community, including bakeries and pizzerias.”