Jonathan Van Ness Reveals Marriage to Fitness Guru Mark Peacock

In an Instagram post, Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness revealed they got married earlier this year to their partner, Mark Peacock.

In a post detailing Van Ness’ events and accomplishments of 2020 – which included tumbling with Simone Biles, campaigning for Elizabeth Warren, and finishing a standup tour in Australia and New Zealand – the non-binary icon included a picture from their wedding.

“I got married to my best friend and have a loving partner to continue building my life with,” Van Ness said in the caption.

Peacock followed up Van Ness’ post with his own celebrating the marriage and reviewing the year, calling Van Ness “my soul mate and one true love.”

According to a tweet from Van Ness, the two had a small wedding in the backyard of a house they renovated over the summer with a socially distanced judge and photographer while their parents watched over FaceTime.

According to Out, Peacock is a fitness expert.