DJay McCracken bids farewell to Atlanta

As a DJ, he has spun at bars all over town, including a residency at Chaparral, as well as various cities throughout the Southeast. One upcoming gig is with Gay Days in Orlando, which will be his first time with that event.

The decision to move was based on the need to try his luck in a bigger city. 

“I feel like, I have this urge that if I am standing still, I need to do something else,” McCracken says. “I want to get out to as many venues as possible. My production company wants to expand to other cities.”

“I have always known I wanted to move to California- I just had to do it,” he says. “The scene is flourishing. For a DJ to live there, the scene can be amazing.  There are thousands of people – the scale of LA is more broad. It’s a good place to be.”


ATL->LAX farewell party
Friday, January 27
Jungle Club Atlanta
2115 Faulkner Road
 Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 844-8800

McCracken doesn’t have anything lined up yet, but looks forward to expanding his career. “I will be improvising, but I hope it will become full-fledged,” he says. 

The party Friday is a farewell event.  — “One last time for me to say goodbye,” McCracken says. 

The event will feature fellow local DJs Mike Pope and Vicki Powell and performer DAX.  Titled ATL->LAX, it will have a flight theme. Proceeds will benefit MISTER and AID Atlanta.

McCracken’s taste in music varies on where he is spinning.

“I am typically drawn to a quality listening experience,” he says. “Top 40 is great but not my preference. It depends on where I am. Everyone loves Rihanna and Lady Gaga, but it depends on the night, the venue.”  

He plays a lot of Miami House music, which features artists such as LMFAO and Pitbull.

“If people like what I am doing, I continue, and if not, I go back and change,” he says. 

He has worked with Pope and Powell many times and says it’s been a great experience.

“I like people who know what they are doing,” he says.

McCracken will return to DJ the annual Leo party at Amsterdam Atlanta this summer. 

“I will be bringing the west to the east after bringing the east to the west,” he laughs.

Top photo: DJay McCracken (via Facebook)