Outspoken: Tim Gunn, Lady Gaga, Julian Bond and more…

“He’s being a bully I think. You know I think Hillary Clinton has more important things to worry about than her hemline.”

— Music star and gay rights advocate Lady Gaga, sounding off on Tim Gunn’s comment in an appearance on “The View.” (Huffington Post, Aug. 1)

“All LOVE is equal”

— Twitter message sent by teen pop star Miley Cyrus to show off her new tattoo, an equal sign on her right ring finger. The pro-gay message set off a Twitter war about gay rights among Cyrus’ followers. (Entertainment Weekly, Aug. 1)

“If your Bible tells you that gay people ought not be married in your church, don’t tell them they can’t be married at city hall. Marriage is a civil rite as well a civil right, and we can’t let religious bigotry close the door to justice to anyone.”

— Civil rights icon Julian Bond, speaking at the first ever NAACP town hall meeting on LGBT issues, held late last month in Los Angeles. (Florida Independent, Aug. 1)