Anti-gay NOM steps up pressure on King & Spalding


“NOM’s ‘We’re There Until You Need Us’ campaign highlights the obvious – that this law firm has shirked its client responsibilities simply because their client advocated a cause unpopular in some quarters,” NOM President Brian Brown wrote today on NOM’s blog. “Yet representing clients facing contentious issues is exactly what lawyers are supposed to do. It would appear that King & Spalding believe that murderers and terrorists are entitled to representation, but the nation’s marriage law is not. It’s no wonder that they have come under intense criticism from both the left and the right. They have shown cowardice under pressure, proving they have no principles or integrity.”

King & Spalding have suffered from the move. Two high profile clients, the National Riffle Association and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli have both dropped the law firm.

King & Spalding, with Paul Clement as the lead attorney, successfully defended the NRA in a Supreme Court case last year dealing with the Second Amendment.

Clement, former Solicitor General of the U.S. under George W. Bush, was all set to defend DOMA, but resigned after King & Spalding decided not to take the case. Clement now works for a small law firm in Washington, D.C., and is staying on to defend DOMA.

NOM previously said that it would launch an investigation into the firm’s decision to see if it “violated any statutes or rules of professional conduct.”

It looks like they’re not ready to let this one go just yet.