‘Testify for Love: Light the Way to Justice’ at the Gold Dome

March and rally planned ahead of Supreme Court hearings

From the even’t Facebook page:

Pep Rally in GA For A National Marriage Equality Victory at US Supreme Court

•LGBTQ citizen’s right to marry and protect their loved ones is under fire.

•GA’s Amendment 1, which prevents the state from respecting under law the loving commitment of LGBTQ citizens, allows for the legal dehumanization of LGBTQ citizens and their families.

•All loved ones must stand together to demand and require the entitlement to marriage as an obligation from our federal and state governments.

Wear RED and WHITE or any solid of one. Please bring handwritten letters testifying to love and the importance of marriage equality to be hand-delivered to your state legislators the next day. Bring noise makers and musical instruments if have.

One GA for Marriage Equality. We are human. We are beautiful. We are equal. We are Georgia! www.lighttojustice.org

‘Testify for Love: Light the Way to Justice’
Monday, March 25, 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Georgia State Capital, http://on.fb.me/Y5Kcs4