‘The Dinner Debate’ — NOM’s Brian Brown and Dan Savage discuss LGBT issues, Bible

Gay blog Towleroad has a good summary of what is discussed during the hour long debate, including this exchange:

BROWN: Gay marriage cannot exist. There cannot be a marriage of two men or two women. Just because the state says it’s so – this is not based upon reality. You can call a cat a dog in the law but a cat does not become a dog. Marriage is by its definition – it is intrinsically something. It is not simply about your desires. It is not about my desires.

SAVAGE: Marriage is a package of civil rights and legal responsibilities, no longer an engendered institution.

BROWN: What about three people or four?

SAVAGE: The merits of polygamy – you know, if you want to ban polygamy, most polygamous marriages have been heterosexual. So if you’re worried about the slippery slope, it’s heterosexual marriage that puts us on the slippery slope towards polygamy.

P.S. The Catholic kitsch in Savage’s home made me break the 10th commandment to not covet the cool stuff other people have. I wonder what Mr. Brown’s reaction was.

Watch the full video here:


Photo: Brian Brown (far left) debated gay columnist and activist Dan Savage (far right) on LGBT issues and Christianity while New York Times columnist Mark Oppenheimer moderated. (via YouTube)