Braves release anti-bullying PSA to public

“It seems that bullying has gone to a whole new level in the last several years and the consequences are staggering,” said Atlanta Braves President John Schuerholz via a media release.

“We know that kids listen to their favorite athletes and we had many of our players who wanted to be a part of this. Hopefully, hearing from someone they admire will result in them seeking the help they need,” Scheurholz added.

Calls for the Atlanta Braves to put out a video for the “It Gets Better” campaign came earlier this year when Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell was suspended after he was accused of shouting, “Are you a homo couple or a threesome?” at Giants fans in San Francisco on April 23.

McDowell also allegedly used a baseball bat to simulate a sex act and threatened a man who asked him to watch his language. He later apologized for his actions.

Though the video is not explicitly an “It Gets Better” video, it does cite “sexual orientation” as an unacceptable reason to bully.

The Braves hosted a benefit for GA Equality entitled “Out in the Stands” on Sept. 19 and awarded the Anti-Defamation League a $5,000 grant for the “No Place for Hate” through its Braves Foundation charitable arm.

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Top photo: Atlanta Braves Third Baseman Chipper Jones (via