Atlanta police: Online threats to gay bars may be hoax

The Atlanta Police Department says that online threats to two Atlanta gay bars may have come from a hacked Twitter account. The tweet from an account listed as @BrettTEdgerton read “TEN or Blake’s could be t...
Ashleigh Atwell

Ashleigh Atwell: Atlanta’s LGBT community is a farce

I’m not a bandwagon writer, so before I sat down to type, I scrolled through a couple of months’ worth of Georgia Voice columnist archives to make sure I wasn’t beating a dead horse. I didn’t find anything. I w...
Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee: ‘Frosted Blake’s’ and coded racism

A Supreme Court victory provides a boost to any birthday plans, as I found out when the same-sex marriage ruling kicked off the weekend of my 35th. The last weekend in June wound up being an enchanting blur ...
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A&E’s ‘Relapse’ features gay Atlanta man

Johnny on A&E's

Last night's episode of “Relapse” on A&E told the story of a gay Atlanta man working with a sober coach in an effort to get off drugs and alcohol. If you've never seen it, “Relapse” follows the same vein as its sister program “Intervention.”

Johnny, a male prostitute, is an alcoholic with some deep personal issues. He brings in Doug Caine, a sober coach, for seven days in an effort to turn his life around. I don't want to spoil anything for you, but it's pretty powerful stuff.

Here's A&E's episode description:

Johnny, a handsome American-Indian, lives on a beautiful estate and parties at the best restaurants. But he's a raging alcoholic who hates himself for being gay and a male prostitute. Can a sober coach get him to do the work required to save his life?