Darian Aaron: Activism 2.0; Out front, out loud, online

“We all have a voice, it’s just up to us individually whether or not we choose to utilize it.” I’ll never forget that advice or the person who gave it to me. It’s not by accident that the first time my thoug...
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[Video] ‘When did it become hateful to support marriage?’

Anna Maria Hoffman

Video blogger Anna Maria Hoffman wants to know “when it became hateful to support marriage.”

Hoffman, a contributor to conservative website Counter Cultured, tries her best Sarah Palin impersonation while breaking down the current climate around marriage in a recent video posted to YouTube. Hoffman is not a fan of the gays.

She begins the video by calling marriage equality “cool” and opposing same-sex marriage rights “uncool.” Well, at least she's got that part right.

“I thought the popularity contest of who's cool and who's not cool ended right when we left high school,” she says in the video.

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Queer B.O.I.S. founders share stories, style and more

Queer BOIS

One year ago, Latania McKenzie sat down at her computer and with a few clicks started putting into action a dream she’d had for years — a blog that caters to masculine-identified women as well as to transgender men.

Named Queer B.O.I.S., the blog espouses the values McKenzie, 30, and her partner and blog co-founder, Taliba, aspire to in their professional and personal lives. While B.O.I.S. is meant to quickly identify its target audience, the letters also have meaning: Business, Opulence, Investment and Style.

McKenzie, 30, moved to Atlanta 12 years ago from Belgium. She likes to shop in the men’s department and has a deep affection for pocket squares and bow ties. She said the blog is meant to bring visibility to a community that is often overlooked in the media. And while her first name is Latania, she prefers to just be called McKenzie.

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LGBT pundits react to Romney’s debate riff on two-parent families

Presidential debate

A number of LGBT bloggers expressed dismay Tuesday night that no question about same-sex marriage was posed during the first two presidential debates or in the only vice presidential debate.

But at a most unexpected moment during the Oct. 16 debate, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney stumbled into an awkward riff about the importance of two parents being married before having children.

That set off a flurry of reaction among various LGBT bloggers who were posting their reactions to the debate live on Twitter.

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[Video] LGBT History Month Icon for Oct. 9: Chris Colfer

LGBT History Month

October is LGBT History Month. The month of observance was first organized in 1994 by high school teacher Rodney Wilson to coincide with National Coming Out Day (Oct. 11) and was meant to highlight the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights movement.

In 2006, the Equality Forum began promoting the annual commemoration by featuring a different LGBT icon each day.

“This is the 7th anniversary of LGBT History Month. There are a total of 217 Icons that inspire pride in our heroes and our impressive national and international accomplishments,” said Malcolm Lazin, Equality Forum executive director, in a statement.

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Grindr: Friend or foe to the gay community?

By now, most people have heard of Grindr, and many of us have profiles. Our contact at Grindr reports that there are 4 million users worldwide, 1.3 million of whom are in the U.S. The average user logs on to Grindr 8-10 times per day and spends about 90 minutes using the app throughout the day. So if you find yourself Grindr-addicted, you’re not alone!

News headlines about the app are pretty extreme:

EXPOSED: The seedy underbelly of hook-up apps (News.com.au, September 2012)
A deadly dating game (China Daily, September 2012)
Grindr: Welcome to the World’s Biggest, Scariest Gay Bar (Vanity Fair, May 2011)
Popular gay dating app Grindr blamed for syphilis outbreak (Examiner.com, August 2012)

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What would you do if you overheard someone talk about your sexuality?

Bo Shell

When I went to take my "final drag," or the last cigarette of my day, last Saturday, I was greeted by my usually nutty neighbor and her friend cackling drunkenly on the stairs near our communal back yard area.

"Hey, come smoke with us!" she insisted.

I was ready for bed, so I politely passed.

I thought about the crazy things my neighbor had said and done in the past, as I often do when I see her.

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Health: Welcome to Atlanta

Lucas Gosdin“Welcome to Atlanta,” said the police officer as she handed me my first ticket after my first accident in seven years of driving. It was bound to happen while living amongst some of the worst traffic in the nation, but my poor car!

Atlanta’s residents more than make up for its horrible transportation system. They are hospitable and looking for friendship, despite the size of the city. I get to work among the best of Atlanta.

As the new Gay Outreach intern for AID Atlanta, I get to be out in the city meeting members of the LGBTQA community and our allies. Coming from Auburn, Alabama [War Eagle!], I am astounded at the size and reach of our community here.

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OutSports wraps up LGBT medal winners in London Olympics

Seimone Augustus

More than 40 percent of the out LGBT Olympians took home medals, a better medal-winning percentage than Team USA.

OutSports.com, a website dedicated to LGBT issues in sports, provided in-depth coverage of the Olympics, including tallying 23 out Olympians from around the world.

"If Team Gay was a country, it would have finished 31st overall with seven medals, tied with Mexico, Ethiopia and Georgia," OutSports.com co-founder Cyd Zeigler noted in an excellent article wrapping up the London Games.