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Iowan thrust into national spotlight after viral video brings ‘My Two Moms’ memoir to Atlanta

Zach Wahls

In January 2011, then 19-year old Zach Wahls spoke before the Iowa House Judiciary Committee ahead of a vote that would have repealed same-sex marriage in the state. A video of his speech was uploaded to YouTube that evening, and in the hours and days that followed, Wahls found himself thrust into the national gay rights debate.

Wahls has since worked on gay acceptance in the Boy Scouts of America and has toured the country, speaking to students in colleges and high schools. He's also written a New York Times bestseller, “My Two Moms,” which brings him to Atlanta for a June 27 reading at the Friends School, sponsored by Charis Books & More and Atlanta Pride.

GA Voice spoke with Wahls about growing up with two moms, his goals and aspirations for the future, and why it's important to put the toilet seat down.