Lust over these gay, gender queer Atlanta beauties

Every year the good folks over at Creative Loafing put out their Lust List featuring Atlanta's most drool-worthy citizens, and every year they make sure not to forget those within the LGBT community. They ca...
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[Video] Mary’s ¡Glitz! choreographer is a CL person to watch in 2013


Corian Ellisor, the man behind the ¡Glitz! dance and cabaret parties at gay bar Mary's in East Atlanta, is profiled in today's Creative Loafing as one of the people to watch in 2013.

And yes, girl, he is. We've been admiring his moves at such events as MondoHomo as well as Mary's. He is absolutely gorgeous and his choreography is inspirational.

"I'm Type A totally. But I don't want to be like a tyrant. I've just always had this idea that I could gather people together who are like-minded, and we could all rise up together," he tells CL.

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Creative Loafing joins call for Atlanta mayor to embrace marriage equality

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

Today, Creative Loafing Atlanta writer Andrew Alexander penned a wonderful opinion piece on Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and his continuing to drag his feet on the issue of same-sex marriage.

After President Barack Obama expressed his opinion that same-sex couples should be given the same rights as heterosexual couples earlier this year, local eyes turned to Reed, arguably the state's most prominent Democrat.

Reed's stance on the issue was the cover story of our May 25 issue (and one of my personal favorites) after local activists created a social media campaign calling on the mayor to “evolve” on the issue.

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Honors go to Atlanta gay scribes

This week was a good one for Atlanta gay writers. Johnny Drago won first place in Creative Loafing's annual Fiction Writing issue and Collin Kelley's novel "Remain In Light" is up for the prestigious Townsend Prize for Fiction.

Kelley, novelist, poet, editor for Atlanta INtown newspaper, organizer for the Atlanta Queer Literary Fest, blogger and tweeter extraordinaire, talked to us in October about the release of his new book, "Remain In Light," the second in a trilogy that takes readers on a suspenseful murder mystery through Paris and America. His first in the series, "Conquering Venus," was published in 2009.

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Gay reporter seeking to solve Atlanta mystery art project

I came into the office this morning and found a manilla envelope on my keyboard, addressed to me at the GA Voice office. My name and the address were handwritten. No return address.

Interesting, I wonder what this is all about, I thought. My co-workers wanted to make sure there was no anthrax in the envelope.

I opened the manilla envelope and inside there was a white envelope with one of those plastic windows and I could see $10 bill was inside. One the front of the envelope in the top left corner was written, "for you." On the back of the envelope was written, "follow your narrative urge!" followed by a "#45".

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It’s time to sweat, Atlanta

Nicholas Jacobs, founder of Sweat Atlanta

Nicholas Jacobs, 27, started teaching fitness classes when he was a teenager, following in his mother’s footsteps.

“My mom was an instructor for the YMCA and when I was young I started taking classes and then teaching classes myself when I got older,” he said.

Jacobs moved to Atlanta in 2004 and is originally from the “cornfields of Ohio” — or the small town of Lancaster, Ohio. Fitness has always played a major role in his life and led him to teach classes at LA Fitness. Now Jacobs is ready to take his career one step further.

Although he works fulltime as an account executive for Creative Loafing, he is launching his new side business, Sweat Atlanta. The new business kicks off with a free boot camp Saturday, April 16, at the Regal Hollywood 24 on I-85. While this may be an odd location, Jacobs, who is gay, says there is plenty of parking as well as green space. The boot camp will also include movie ticket giveaways for participants.

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GA Voice’s Dyana Bagby named in top 10 Atlanta journalists on Twitter

Clay Duda from The Center for Sustainable Journalism at Kennesaw State University named our very own Dyana Bagby as one of the Top 10 Atlanta Journalists on Twitter. The final list was based on relevant Twitter figures (like followers, reach, interactions, etc.) and a little subjectivity.

Dyana joined such notables as Creative Loafing’s Thomas Wheatley, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Jeff Schultz and Paste Magazine’s Austin Ray. To view the entire list, click here.

Congrats Dyana for using your Twitter account for meaningful, responsible and entertaining conversation!