Book Review: Naughtier than Nice

You have to tell somebody. There’s a secret inside you, one you’ve been keeping far too long and you’re about to burst. You need to talk about it. You need some advice, some perspective. As in the new novel ...
Simon Williamson, columnist with Georgia Voice

Simon Williamson: Starving before summer

I hail from the land of Nelson Mandela, Charlize Theron, and (formerly) Oscar Pistorius. Indeed, the welcoming embrace of South Africa will envelop me again next month as my husband and I go back for Christmas ...
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Get in the spirit: LGBT holiday happenings

Toy Party

Ready to don your gay apparel? Atlanta's social calendar is packed with LGBT holiday events to get you in the spirit of the season. Here are a few of the performances, parties and other gatherings slated for the coming weeks.