H&M Defends New LGBTQ-inclusive Holiday Ad Against Homophobic Backlash

H&M has had to delete negative, homophobic comments on their newest LGBTQ-inclusive holiday ad, reported Pride.

The new campaign is centered around people enjoying “the moments in between,” showing intimate moments between family, a man and his cat, friends, and romantic partners, all set to Judy Garland’s “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

While most of the scenes aren’t explicitly LGBTQ, one is: later in the ad, two men are seen kissing on a stairway under some mistletoe.

However, despite how short the scene is, H&M has received some homophobic backlash for it. The commercial has more dislikes than likes on YouTube and the comments have been turned off. On Instagram, the fashion company has even gone so far as to delete comments.

“We have a strong belief in love being for all and would like everyone to keep a friendly tone,” H&M responded to one user on Instagram. “Therefore, comments that are extremely hurtful and not in line with our well-rooted values about equality have been removed.”

Not all reactions to the kiss were negative. Many were thankful and happy to see the inclusion, no matter how brief.