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Macon Telegraph reverses decision to not publish lesbian wedding announcement

After first refusing to publish a wedding announcement of a lesbian couple, the Macon Telegraph newspaper reversed its decision today.

In an email sent June 7 to the couple, Laura Wilson and Rachel Hussey, the newspaper's classified advertising manager Cleo Wright said the announcement would run in August as first requested. The email states:

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From the Publisher: Survival is a beautiful word

Anniversaries, of every kind, bring up all kinds of feelings. Looking back on our lives has a tendency to make the good events look better than they were and the bad ones look worse.

Lovers and spouses do this. They recall forgotten birthdays and broken promises and assess if they really should be in this relationship. But they also cling to the special moments when it seemed they were the only two people in the world who really know what love is. If they look closer at their relationship, however, they realize that what is most significant about their anniversary and what that date truly represents is survival. They made it through all of the difficult moments and they remain intact.

The same holds true for communities and organizations and businesses. Today, March 16, marks our second anniversary. The last year has been challenging and exhilarating — sometimes both in the same day — for GA Voice and for those we serve.

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New print edition on stands today

What do a gay Cirque singer, a lesbian food writer, and Black Gay Pride parties have in common? All are featured in our latest edition!