Daniel Zovatto

5 LGBTQ things you need to know today, Feb. 20

1. The Kansas Republican party has approved a resolution to “oppose all efforts to validate transgender identity.” According to the resolution, “God’s design for gender is determined by biological sex and not b...
Michael Stipe

5 LGBT things you need to know today, Oct. 16

1. Conservative radio host Bill Bennett spoke at Friday’s Values Voters Summit, quoting a gay literary icon to make a point about why evangelicals are embracing Trump despite actions that seem contrary to Judeo...
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Tori Amos fans: ‘Night of Hunters’ is tour to see

Tori Amos at the Cobb Energy Center

There seems to be a bit of a schism between piano goddess Tori Amos and her oh-so dedicated fans. While she's been busy reinventing herself from emotional singer-songwriter to sassy character rocker and now back to her roots, fans have been craving the Tori they fell in love with some 20 years ago.

You can count me among those who have fallen out of love over the past few years. There have only been traces of the Amos I knew in the '90s. The last true glimpse might have been with 2005's "The Beekeeper." Even then, it was just a glimpse before she lost character completely, going even deeper into the obscure, abandoning the sensitive but empowered girl-and-piano vibe in favor of a cadre of rock-and-roll personae who opened her "American Doll Posse World Tour" in 2007.

It's been difficult to watch.