[Video] Ben Cohen’s magazine launch, awards dinner to feature Scissor Sister Babydaddy

We are celebrating on StandUp Day this year for a couple of reasons. It is the launch of StandUp Magazine as well as the day that I reflect personally on the long-term effects that bullying can have on families. I know from my own family tragedy.

We are continuing to fuel a powerful movement that is going to make a difference in the lives of youth who face bullying every day. When we stand together we stand a bit taller. The message we are giving out is that it is time to stop the bullying. Young people’s lives are being ruined, and all it takes is the right person at the right time to stand beside them when it matters most to make the difference.

Our goal is to raise awareness. The concept is simple, but very powerful. I am asking YOU to stand up with me by wearing their StandUp merchandise, by telling at least one person about StandUp, posting or tweeting about how they are standing up, or simply changing your profile pictures to the StandUp logo for the day. It is time to stand up against bullying, and I am proud to be able to ask you to stand up with me.

Cohen announced last year his StandUp Foundation would be based in Atlanta. The StandUp Foundation works to end bullying against LGBT students and others as well as ending homophobia in sports.

Cohen, with his hunky good looks and and a frequent guest to Atlanta, was named an honorary Atlanta Pride grand marshal this year and also held a Kiki by the Park party during Pride weekend to raise funds for his foundation. The official remix of the Scissor Sister’s song “Let’s Have a Kiki” by DJ Robin Skouteris with the help of Atlanta’s Eagle’s own DJ Pat Weikle was released at this party.

The StandUp Foundation works by raising money and then awarding grants and funding other organizations that work to stop bullying. Cohen is willing to strip to his underwear and use his gripping good looks for a calendar to raise money for a good cause, too. 

Besides fundraisers, StandUp Foundation sells merchandise, through Nike and the Human Rights Campaign, as well as Cohen’s own calendar and underwear, to raise the money needed to help in the fight against bullying.

Check out why Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears along with Babydaddy say they support Cohen and his StandUp Foundation:

Top photo: The cover of Ben Cohen’s StandUp Foundation’s new magazine. A party to celebrate the magazine’s launch as well as the Compete Sports Diversity Awards is set for Wednesday and tickets are still for sale.