[Video] Is Georgia a hotbed for ‘ex-gay’ conferences?

Foster not only founded the Follow Me Discipleship Retreat, but also the website Gay Christian Movement Watch, which specifically focuses on how the gays are the cause of all of the the world’s ills. Sigh.

About the Follow Me Discipleship Retreat:

The Follow Me Discipleship Retreat (FMDR) started in 2003 and is now a yearly Christian event for men who are following Jesus Christ out of homosexuality and sexual immorality into holiness.

FMDR is an outreach venture of Witness Ministries, Inc, a non-denominational biblical resource providing a community of fellowship for Christian men who seek to move forward in spiritual and sexual maturity through submission to the Lord Jesus Christ and his Word.

The retreat convenes at the scenic Bavarianesque mountain resort town of Helen GA, 98 miles northeast of Atlanta each second weekend of November.

Mission Statement for FMDR
The mission of Follow Me Retreat is to cultivate and foster integrity, discipline, sexual purity, righteousness and honest fellowship within the bonds of brotherly love.

What the ex-gay ministry values and why the conference is being held in the city of Helen, Ga.:

(1) Fellowship. Leaving behind friends who don’t understand or accept your decision to live your life for Christ is difficult. By meeting and fellowshipping with other brothers who are on the same journey, forging healthy relationships becomes much easier.

(2) Discipleship. The follow me principle is in keeping with our Lord’s prime command to to make disciples of all men. You will interact with and learn from brothers who have walked ahead of you, clearing a path of knowledge, wisdom and practical application of how to live your life honestly for Christ while bringing him glory.

(3) Fun. We chose Helen because its away from the hustle and bustle of the city, has a calm visual effect and provides a peaceful retreat which helps to enjoy time away from the “distractions” of life. Helen has great sight-seeing, exotic food, mountain streams and lots of little wonders to enjoy while fellowshipping. Teambuilding  excursions  add a slice of excitement.

Foster states on his Witness Freedom Ministries (he’s a busy guy) that: “…Since April 1990, DL Foster has dedicated his life to serving the Lord and his people with truth and faithful witness to the radical life changing power of Jesus Christ. He is a personal witness, after experiencing deliverance from homosexual sin over 22 years ago.”

He adds that the mission of Witness Freedom Ministries is: “to lead men and women out of homosexuality and into holiness as a worldwide witness of the radical, saving power of Jesus Christ. WITNESS! Unapologetically seeks to evangelize, equip and educate, impact and influence.”

Foster also proclaims he is “the proud and loving husband of Dee and equally proud father of three awesome boys and two wonderful girls.”

In the video below, Foster explains on “Atlanta Live” how he he was a “broken man” before finding God to save him from homosexuality while he was living in Columbus, Ga.

He and the hosts discuss how Atlanta “encourages coming out of the closet” and where “has the church gone wrong?”

“They are extremely vocal and they are extremely persistent,” Foster says of LGBT people, who he notes are a small minority.

In the second video, Foster is preaching his ex-gay message at anti-gay Bishop Eddie Long’s church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Sigh. And we all know how Long’s story is ending.