Bishop Eddie Long reveals he considered suicide

A tearful Bishop Eddie Long recently revealed to his congregation that he'd considered suicide. The longtime leader of New Birth Baptist Church in Lithonia did not offer specific details around what led him to ...
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Eddie Long accuser Centino Kemp to release tell-all book next week

Centino Kemp releases a new book

In case you didn't get enough sordid details about New Birth Pastor Eddie Long's alleged affairs with young men from the legal cases filed against him, it looks like the tell-all book from accuser Centino Kemp will soon be available.

On Feb. 1, Kemp posted a photo of the cover of the book, titled "First Lady," on his Twitter account (@Centino Kemp). "Feels like I give birth to a baby," Kemp declared.

The book comes out on Valentine's Day, Kemp has tweeted.

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[Video] Is Georgia a hotbed for ‘ex-gay’ conferences?


Coming to Helen, Ga., this Nov. 8-11 is the "ex-gay" conference titled "Follow Me Discipleship Retreat." And this comes after Love Won Out brought its "ex-gay" conference to Villa Rica in February.

Seems like Georgia is a favorite place for ex-gay conference.

Joe Jervis at the blog JoeMyGod reports on the "ex-gay" conference to be led by "ex-gay" pastor DL Foster . Other speakers include James Pennyman, Rev. Kyra Jones and Poetic Prophet J. Elijah.

(And, oh yeah, what does the DL stand for?)

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Biblical scholar to ‘King’ Eddie Long: puhleeze stop your foolishness


If you haven't seen the video yet of Eddie Long, the self-proclaimed bishop of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, being anointed "King" by a self-proclaimed rabbi, it's religious theater that competes with the likes of, God, I don't even know.

Long is wrapped in Holocaust scrolls, lifted up in a chair, and has to wipe away tears because he is so filled with ... with something. The act he puts on during these dramatics is, simply, sickening.

We all know Long well as the anti-gay preacher who was accused of coercing young teen males in his congregation into sexual relationships, promising to vigorously defend himself  against the charges and then timidly settling with them for a bunch of money so they would hopefully keep their mouths shut. 

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Eddie Long’s ‘fifth accuser’ in sex scandal writes book; screenplay in works

Centino Kemp writes a book

Centino Kemp, who was identified as the fifth accuser in the Eddie Long sex scandal that involved four young men suing the world-known preacher and founder of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church for sexual coercion, has written a book about his experience being "seduced by a powerful religious figure who becomes not only the father figure he never had, but also his lover."

Kemp, 22, who is openly gay, posted today to his Facebook page a synopsis of an autobiography he co-wrote titled, "The First Lady."

The synopsis reads:

"The First Lady" is the story of Centino Kemp. A talented young man born in the Bahamas, it explores Kemp's upbringing in a highly Christian family. As a youth, he longs to find the closeness with his family that is sorely missing all while coping with the absence of his father. Centino's adverse relationships with the male figures in his life or lack of, combined with the in and out role of his mother as she chased after men during his adolescence, led to his struggles with his own sexuality.

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Eddie Long accusers speak out about alleged sex abuse

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WSB-TV have partnered up to bring some eye-opening details of the Eddie Long gay sex scandal that rocked Atlanta and the nation when four men sued the founder of megachurch New Birth Missionary Baptist Church for using his power to coerce them into sexual relationships.

In an AJC story posted to its website today, reporter Christian Boone details the interview with two of Long's accusers — Jamal Parris, 24, and Spencer LeGrande, 23 —that took place in Miami. The entire story will be posted at approximately 5 p.m. on the AJC's website and WSB-TV will broadcast its story also at 5 p.m.

By speaking out, notes the AJC, the two men risk a monetary settlement reached with Long in May.

“The truth should’ve set [us] free,” said Parris. “I thought I could cover the pain up. I thought I could move, start over and everything would go away. I was terribly wrong. I’m living a lifestyle meant to crash.”