No need for separate Pride

“It’s like two proms. One for whites and one for blacks. Your lame argument that Savannah hundreds of miles away, has a Pride, so why shouldn’t blacks in Atlanta have their own, is ridiculous. Way to segregate, Atlanta!”

“Maybe I should start Latin Gay Pride! Might as well segregate all the way. No excuses for the need of separate Prides. It’s stupid. And they wonder why there is discrimination between colors in our community. Because of crap like this.”

“Wish we could stand together. In the coming years look for Asian Gay Pride, Hispanic Gay Pride and Left Handed Gay Pride.”

“It is an outrage that media types like yourself even give coverage to a segregated event like “Black Gay Pride.” Sponsors who support this event and media outlets who encourage it should be boycotted.”

“You can’t solve any problems by being the ones to have your own gatherings. Sooner or later you’re going to have to open the dialog with those around you to solve any problems no matter what they are … This is what creates the thoughts of “segregation.” What if we rename the pride in October to White Gay Pride then to “celebrate” our “heritage”? What do you think would happen? Stop being different and start acting like we all need to obtain the same goals in life. We stand together or we fall divided. Enough is enough.”

“As a black gay man who hates labels, I believe deep within my soul that having any event in 2010 (or back in 1980, 1990, 2000) that identifies itself as primary support for a specific race is not moving toward true diversity. It just isn’t. And an overwhelming amount of people who do attend are of a closed mindset not all that willing to embrace full diversity. I respect that some would like to see others who “look like them” but I love seeing that in the larger events which have accepted me years ago. Some of us have gotten over the labels and present ourselves with our good character as human beings. I wish it were a growing trend but as long as there are race-identified events then we are all stunting our growth and strength.”

The more Prides the merrier

“I feel like there is a significant difference in segregation and creating safe spaces for different cultures. Getting upset about there being a Black Pride is like siding with hetero people who may say, “We don’t have a Straight Pride!” about any Gay Pride.”

“It’s not just another reason to party? I don’t know about this, it’s voluntary, the events do have differences, and it’s not like either Pride shuts folks out.”

“Both are fun. Do either not allow both races? I would go to both, so what’s the point? It’s a way to express the feelings of all races and their pride of being gay. It’s all good.”

“We actually have three Prides. The Dyke March wasn’t a part of the original Pride March. I don’t see how diversity hurts the gay community. We should have dozens of pride marches. Let them compete!”

“I think it is great that there is a gay black pride. I also think it is great that this article shows that everyone is welcome at the event.”

“Cultural space is important … We inherently recognize the need to be surrounded by like-minded individuals or we wouldn’t have any Pride at all. I think it’s important to recognize that being gay is not a demographic monolith. Also, realistic unity doesn’t come from being one unidentifiable culture of people — we all have to consciously work to understand and accept people who are different than us. Maybe your strong feelings of one Pride shouldn’t be a roadblock to embracing a Black Pride, but a starting point for understanding why there is one.”

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