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Speaking out: Your comments on Melissa Carter and Grady protest

Good luck, Melissa, on your path to parenting
Re: “Q-100’s Melissa Carter on road to motherhood” (Print edition and, April 30)

Melissa is a pretty amazing woman! I look forward to hearing all the updates and this progresses.

I listen to her every morning on Q100 and am so glad you interviewed her. Good Job!

Go, Melissa, Go!

Right-winger with a rent boy: Doth he protest too much?
Re: “Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with ‘rent boy’” (link from posted on, May 4)

The absolute hypocrisy of these people needs to be shouted from the roof-tops, and every naive, sweet and blessedly ignorant little old lady that gives them money should be empowered to join a class action lawsuit and get her money back.

And where is the outcry from the anti-gay bigot groups over this? Hmmmmm?

The most homophobic people are almost always closet-cases themselves and usually the fuel for their homophobia is self-hatred or self-denial. The right wing doesn’t want to admit this. They want everyone to forget this, because they live in a fantasy world.

Grant fuels debate over proposed LGBT Center
Re: “Atlanta LGBT Center effort gets $25,000 grant” (, May 5)

I know the foundation does honorable, critical work and I think most of us like the idea of a LGBT center, but haven’t some of our local LGBT charities been struggling with budgets and headcount? Couldn’t that $25,000 have been released to help them out with operating expenses? … Is investment in a shiny new center better than “boots on the ground” day-to-day operations work?

A high profile and modern Gay Center would help increase visibility and generate enthusiasm for all gay organizations.

I actually think more local organizations could thrive better under one roof —less overhead costs dispersed among a variety of facilities, more solidified visibility in the community, more services/resources accessible in one place and less competition for funding.

There would also be a greater opportunity for sharing ideas and projects which would generate enthusiasm and possibly less pointless competition and duplication of services.

Media doesn’t ignore Fred Phelps, so neither should we
Re: “Why we’re organizing against Fred Phelps” (blog by Grady student Becca Daniels, May 3)

Ignore him and his robots. Don’t feed them anything!

I agree. The best thing to do with this group of bigots is to ignore them and not give him an opportunity to get any press! He wants the press that you will get him if you show up to protest his people. Think about it.

I have mixed feelings – should we ignore the KKK or a group of Neo-Nazis? I don’t think so. He’s going to get publicity whether he’s counter-picketed or not. We should picket him with some “GOD HATES PHELPS” or “Westboro Baptist Church = CHURCH OF SATAN” or similar signs.

Hate preachers like Phelps egged my pastor at Pride a couple of years ago. We’ve got to fight hate with love. Be positive, loving force in the world, but keep your wits about you.