1. A 28-year-old woman is suing the state of Idaho for not allowing her to change the sex on her birth certificate. Lambda Legal took up her case, saying the department in charge violates her free speech and encourages discrimination by not allowing this change.

2. LGBT clergy in the United Methodist Church are scheduled to learn whether or not they can continue in the ministry next week. The church became “more conservative” since same-sex marriage was legalized, making things difficult for openly LGBT church leaders.

3. A new group, Blue and White Pride, seeks to make Israel’s military more inclusive and accepting of its LGBT soldiers.

4. Happy 80th birthday to Star Trek star and LGBT rights icon, George Takei! Media outlets celebrate today by sharing some of their favorite Takei quotes from years past.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Hailee Ritcey and her girlfriend were inspired to come out in part because of the music from band A R I Z O N A. After thanking the group on social media, A R I Z O N A responded by inviting the two women to appear in its new video for “Electric Touch.”

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