Atlanta station asks: Do you think Brandon White is lying about anti-gay attack?

An Atlanta CBS affiliate is currently taking a poll of its viewers asking if they think Brandon White knew the gang members who brutally attacked him Feb. 4 and uploaded a video of it on a hip hop website. In the video, the attackers repeatedly call White “faggot.”

The yes-no poll question is: “Do Think Atlanta Gay Beating Victim Brandon White Is Telling The Truth About His Relationship With The Suspects?”

At about 3 p.m. today, 108 people have voted and it appears 51.85 percent (or 56 votes) say “yes” while 48.15 percent (52 votes) say “no.”

The poll, on the website of an Atlanta CBS radio and cable affiliate, is based on CBS Atlanta’s broadcast of a segment in which gay members of Change Atlanta and other activists questioned whether White is telling the truth or not about knowing his attackers.

In the segment, Change Atlanta members Terik Jackson and Devin Barrington Ward stated they believe White is lying about not knowing his attackers and the motive for the attack. White has said he did not know his attackers and his attorney, Christine Koehler, also has publicly stated he stands by his assertion he did not know them.

In an interview with GA Voice on Tuesday, Ward apologized for what he said were mistakes made following the beating of White, including he and other members of Change Atlanta meeting with a suspect’s mother and defense attorney while CBS Atlanta filmed as well as accusing White of lying.

One of the activists in the CBS Atlanta segment, Gary Nichols, accused White of wanting to expose his attackers of being on the “down low” or secretly gay. He also said he felt “duped” by White. No proof has been presented to back up this claim.

So, take our poll: What the heck do you think about CBS Atlanta’s poll?

CORRECTION: The article has been corrected from an earlier version that identified the poll as coming from television station CBS Atlanta. CBS Atlanta did not post the poll but rather CBS radio affiliate WAOK-AM did. WAOK-AM is affiliated with CBS TV affiliate CW69. WAOK-AM posted a news story from the CBS Atlanta news website to go with the poll. The poll now reads “WAOK Wants To Know If You Think Atlanta Gay Beating Victim Brandon White Is Telling The Truth About His Relationship With The Suspects?”