Jen Foster turned to music as a child because she felt like an outsider. Today, the writes and sings music because she knows she is part of a larger community.

“Now with touring and meeting people on the road, and telling and hearing stories … I've worked through all of that. I see what brings us together and our similarities. We should embrace we are all different. But now I am feeling very connected,” she says.

Singer/songwriter Jen Foster glad to be back at Atlanta Pride

Foster takes the Coca-Cola main stage at Atlanta Pride on Saturday at 2:50 p.m. and will be playing as part of a trio.

I’ve got a keyboard player and a drummer and we are going to rock,” she says.

Later that night she changes gears and hits Eddie’s Attic in Decatur with local favorite Michelle Malone along with Patrice Pike for solo acoustic set, an almost “in the round” kind of setting, she says.

Eddie’s is one of my favorite places to play. It should be a great show,” she says.

Foster played Atlanta Pride once, years ago, when it was still held in June. Changing the date to October during the cooler fall season sounds good to her.

It’s been a long time since we’ve played Atlanta Pride so I’m glad we get to do it again. I think the last time we played was in 2006 and it was freaking hot,” she says.

Foster, who lives in Nashville, has been spending some time in Los Angeles where she is making a video of her hit song from 2004, “She,” as well as recording a dance mix of the song lesbians clamor to hear.

“I just did a dance mix of ‘She’ – a lot of women are always telling me they were getting married to that song, had commitment ceremonies to that song. I got a lot of letters from women who loved the song, so I decided to make a more upbeat, celebratory version,” she says.

Can women still get married to it?

Yes! Even more so!” she says.

Next up is a video for the new version of “She”  directed by Nicole Conn, the critically acclaimed and award-winning screenwriter/director/producer of “Claire of the Moon,” “Elena Undone,” and “A Perfect Ending.”

“She’s a top LGBT director. She’s legendary,” Foster says of Conn.

Foster says she keeps busy, writing songs in Nashville and doing a lot of recording in L.A. As for releasing albums, she says there are so many ways to release music today and she’s still figuring out what exactly she wants to do.

“There is a lot of music I want to release,” she says.

As for a special woman in her life, well, Foster says she can’t reveal all her secrets.

“I think I need to keep a little mystery,” she says with a laugh.

I have fun. I’m in a place where I’ll see what life brings. I’m enjoying living on my own terms though and sort of not being distracted by being in relationship right now,” she adds.

I’m really focused on my music. And I’m having a little fun. I’m probably in a better place in my life than I’ve ever been.”