Two years ago, The Georgia Voice did the coming-out interview for local Atlanta musician, Hannah Thomas. It took a lot of people by surprise, including her family.

The Georgia Voice caught up with this 25-year-old lesbian rocker to talk about what has changed since that interview, about the release of her new EP and about her upcoming show at Steve’s Live Music.

The last time we talked a few years ago, I did your coming-out interview. You weren’t even out to most of your family. How have things changed since then?
Well actually, things have been wonderful! I’ve been more open with my writing and not having those barriers that were up to hide myself in my song lyrics. I have had a lot of opportunities to play with some amazing people. I did a few tours with the Indigo Girls, I got to sing on Amy Ray’s last CD, I got to play with Chely Wright, and I got to play on a sweet (lesbian) vacation in Mexico, which was incredibly fun!

You seem to be doing more regional shows in the Southeast and not just a ton of small, local venues.
Yes, I’m playing fewer shows but they’re bigger parties when I do play. I am also doing a lot more in Nashville than I had before. Atlanta is always going to be a regular stop for me—at least every few months. I do have some shows that are currently being planned for the Northeast in May, but they’re not final yet so I’ll be making an announcement about that soon.

You are about to release your new EP, “Carousel of Fire,” next month. Tell me about it.
It was produced by Don Dixon. He did the first two REM records. He also worked with Hootie and the Blowfish, the Smithereens and several others. He played bass on this new EP of mine. I got Jim Brock to do percussion. He’s played with everybody from Jimmy Buffet to John Mellencamp.
The record itself has a 1990s feel to it, like a flashback type of thing with a little bit of modern rock edge but also some twang. There are five songs on it and it was all crowd-funded by my fans.

I heard that 94.9 The Bull was putting “God Help My Mama” in its rotation.
Yeah! It’s on the new EP. I think it’s awesome that they’re playing it because I don’t change the pronouns in the song whatsoever. No one’s making a big deal about the lyrics saying “I like a pretty girl and some feel good music for my soul”—it’s cool that nobody is making a big deal about it. I think that’s awesome.

You are having a release party for the new CD at Steve’s Live Music on March 28?
Yes. The official release is the 13th of March. People can pre-order it on my website at Right now, we have free shipping and it will arrive signed. Or, they can get it at the official release show on the 28th. It’s going to be a cool show. My guitar player, Cooper Carter, is going to be playing with me. It’ll be a big party.

Your relationship status?
I’ll just say that I am very happy!

Did you relocate to Alabama?
I have a place there now but Atlanta is still my home base. I’ll always be an Atlanta girl!

You have a pretty big following here in the Southeast. What do you want to say to your fans?
I really want to thank them for their support. They are so great to come out to the shows and fund the records. Without them, I would just be another girl, singing in the shower.

Spring Concert Preview

March 7

March 8
Center Stage

March 10
Variety Playhouse

March 13
John Mellencamp
Fabulous Fox Theatre

March 19
Kristy Lee
Eddie’s Attic

March 25
Fleetwood Mac
Phillips Arena

April 3
The Devil Wears Prada

April 17
Steff Mahan
Steve’s Live Music

April 19
Melissa Ferrick
Eddie’s Attic

April 23
Halestorm & The Pretty Reckless

April 23
The Who & Joan Jett
Arena at Gwinnett
April 24
Bob Dylan
Fabulous Fox Theatre

April 27
Death Cab For Cutie
Fabulous Fox Theatre

May 2
Celtic Woman
Fabulous Fox Theatre

May 13
Bette Midler
Phillips Arena

May 15

May 16
Sonia Leigh
Terminal West

May 19
Iggy Azalea & Nick Jonas
Phillips Arena

May 26
Verizon Ampitheatre

May 30
Dave Matthews Band
Aaron’s Amphitheatre

June 4
Barry Manilow
Arena at Gwinnett

June 5
Train & The Fray
Aaron’s Amphitheatre

June 12
Kevin Hart
Phillips Arena

June 13
Kenny Chesney
Georgia Dome

June 14
Lana Del Ray
Aaron’s Amphitheatre

June 26
Natalie Cole
Cobb Energy Center

June 28
Def Leppard & Styx
Aaron’s Amphitheatre

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