The Atlanta Police Department today released its incident report in the case of a transgender woman who was attacked by a man who picked her up for sexual activity. The attack, listed in the report as aggravated assault and battery with a gun, occurred on July 9.

Atlanta police release report on trans woman attacked in Midtown

According to Atlanta Police Department spokesperson Carlos Campos, the woman got into a car with the attacker and drove to College Park where a sex act occurred. Afterward, they returned to Midtown where the suspect pulled a handgun and struggled with the victim. Police say the suspect beat the victim in the face and bit her on the ear. The victim was treated at Grady Hospital.

The incident report lists the victim using a male name. It also lists two witnesses to the attack.


To view the officer’s account of the incident, please click here.

The report lists the suspects name as Ausher Sean, a black male who was wearing a red shirt and whose address is reported as “Old National Highway area.” The victim is also African-American.

The suspect’s vehicle is listed as a 2008 blue, four-door with Louisiana license tag number ZN1S902. The report says police recovered from the scene the suspect’s watch, glasses, lighter and “loaded ammo clip”

According to the report, witnesses called police to the crime scene where they found the victim bleeding from the head. The victim told police she went to a home in College Park with the alleged attacker where they “had sex for money,” according to the report.

The suspect brought the victim back to Midtown and they were pulled over at 353 Pine St.

“The victim asked, ‘Why are we stopping here’ and that’s when the suspect states ‘I’m tired of y’all bitches taking my money’ and demanded the victim give back his money,” the report states.

When the victim hesitated, according to the report, “the suspect pulled a large black pistol and pointed it at him.” The victim grabbed the gun, which discharged, grazing the victim’s thigh.

As the two struggled, the suspect allegedly also struck the victim in the face and bit the victim’s ear, partially severing it, according to the police report. The attacker than fled, driving east on Pine Street.

Police sent out a radio call with the suspect’s description and car information, according to the police report. A blood swab from the magazine of the gun was also sent to the state crime lab for processing.

Officer Patricia Powell, LGBT liaison, was notified of the attack immediately by Zone 5 Commanders, Campos said in a statement on Friday. This comes shortly after the APD admitted it did not follow policy by notifying Powell immediately after a gay couple was attacked in Piedmont Park on July 2.

“Officer Powell’s notification comes the day after the Office of Police Chief George Turner re-emphasized the importance of following department procedures with regards to crimes committed against the GLBT community,” Campos said in a prepared statement. “Although this crime is currently not classified as a ‘bias crime,’ it is important for Officer Powell to be aware of such assaults. She is working with investigators to monitor the incident.”