Fulton County Public Schools responds to Alpharetta student’s lawsuit

In a counter to Lack’s lawsuit, the district’s legal representative claims that Lack failed in his role as student body president by canceling and rescheduling student council meetings with little or no notice, acting uncivilly and refusing to comply with direct instructions from the student council faculty advisers.

Evans says that Lack’s removal from his position had nothing to do with the LGBT-friendly prom resolution.

“After he was relieved from his post, all of a sudden this allegation came up. That’s why the rest of the students are frustrated. They know what he did and didn’t do. What a horrible, horrible thing to claim. We have enough issues around prejudice and biases,” Evans said.

The district supports the school’s principal in her decision to have Lack removed, Evans said.

“The district fully supports the school,” she said. “This lawsuit impacts other students that he works with and impacts the entire school.”

When asked if she thought Lack was using the LGBT-friendly prom resolution as justification for suing the school to get his position back, Evans said other complaints listed in Lack’s lawsuit would not be enough to justify the suit.

“Personally, yeah, that’s what I think. The other items wouldn’t be sufficient. It’s significant to mount a lawsuit and get people up and arms and angry about, as they should be, if it were true,” she said.

Evans does not know if Lack and the district will settle, but said the district is prepared to defend itself in court.

“We’ve got to defend ourselves. I don’t know if there’s a matter of settling or not. The district is going to have to present its evidence as to why he was removed from his post,” she said.

In a statement released over the weekend, Lack’s attorney, James Radford, defended against allegations that his client is lying about the reasons for his removal and called out Alpharetta High School students for “bullying” his client on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Top photo: Alpharetta High School (via portal.fultonschools.org)