While nobody involved in the Eagle raid settlement with the city will discuss on the record the exact amount of money the plaintiffs are receiving, one person close to the case who asked to not be identified said the amount received by the plaintiffs was “considerably more than $10,000 per person.”

Plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit against the city who sued because their constitutional rights were violated during the infamous Sept. 10, 2009, raid on the Midtown gay bar picked up their checks today.

In a report on Wednesday, GA Voice reported that plaintiff Johnnie Curran said he was told that the average amount the plaintiffs received was about $10,000.

Source: Eagle settlement for plaintiffs more than $10,000 each

However, a person familiar with the settlement who asked to not be identified, said Curran’s quote of the amount people received was incorrect. “The amounts are considerably more than $10,000 [per plaintiff],” the source said.


The only people who have gone on record with the amount of money they received were Atlanta Eagle owners Richard Ramey and Robby Kelley, who sued as a corporation and not individuals. They said the amount they received was $80,000, enough money to cover the losses the bar incurred in the months following the raid.

Attorneys representing the clients declined to comment or verify amounts plaintiffs received. The clients were represented by lead attorney Dan Grossman, attorneys with the LGBT legal group Lambda Legal and the Southern Center for Human Rights.

Curran said it was important to note that nobody joined the lawsuit for the money.

“For those of us involved, it was never about the money,” Curran said. “It was about changing the police department’s policies.”