The announcement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the legality of same-sex marriage is coming any day now, and with that more plans have started to firm up across the state on where to rally in reaction to that decision. Plus, LGBT-friendly wedding officiants have signed onto a list of those ready to marry off Georgia couples immediately should the decision come down in favor of marriage equality.

Previously announced rallies in Atlanta at the Center for Civil and Human Rights and  in Augusta at the Richmond County Courthouse have been joined by others in cities across Georgia. And the rallies will take place no matter what the court’s decision is:

A rally is scheduled to be held in Savannah in Johnson Square once the Supreme Court decision comes down. (Photo via

A rally is scheduled to be held in Savannah in Johnson Square once the Supreme Court decision comes down. (Photo via


Citizens Service Center
6 p.m.
3331 Citizens Way
Columbus, GA 31906


Johnson Square
4:30 p.m.


Grassroots Coffee
6 p.m.
133 N. Patterson St.
Valdosta, GA 31601
Meet in glass conference room then walk over to courthouse around 7:30 p.m. for a short prayer.

A rally will also be held in Athens at 12 p.m. at a location to be announced. The information is being collected and updated by Georgia Equality on their Day of Decision page, which also has information about obtaining marriage licenses and premarital counseling.

The page also links to a Freedom To Marry list of officiants around the state who, should the court rule for marriage equality, are ready to marry couples off immediately following the decision. Over 100 officiants have joined the growing list.

Of course the big question on everyone’s mind is “When?” Experts seem to think it will be at the end of the session, which will occur in late June or early July, but a decision could come even sooner and there won’t be much notice.

SCOTUSblog’s (always a solid source on such matters) Amy Howe posted earlier this morning that they just don’t know, saying that last year at this time the court released opinions on Monday and Thursday of this week, then on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of the following week, then on Monday, June 30 to finish up the term.

The court will release the next set of opinions this Thursday at about 10 a.m. so we’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Peter

    I am glad you are asking where people will meet in Atlanta. I think Georgia Equality has made a mistake in choosing the location they did for Atlanta. Though there is some symbolism and added space in this new location it is not historic to the LGBT community. Clearly 10th and Piedmont is and it also happens to be where the the highest concentration of LGBT residents live. I unfortunately think the museum location choice will split the community which will reduce our numbers at both locations. At the end of the day it is about the decision and not the location but I think there is a forced element in their selection. If one looks back to the first SCOTUS decision people essentially ran to 10th & Piedmont very organically. It was amazing. My guess is that will happen again especially by those who don’t really pay attention to these things but will hear the news and simply react. Just my thoughts. I intend to go to 10th & Piedmont because that corner has tremendous personal meaning for me. And by the way I go to all the political rallies the GA Equality puts on and am a huge supporter. Just not on this decision.


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