The AJC is reporting that "significant issues" are occurring in Fulton County today as some voters are apparently being sent to the wrong precincts. The problems impact two races with gay candidates on the ballot.

The Secretary of State's office is also not getting "any cooperation" from Fulton County election officials, according to the report.

‘Significant’ voting problems cited in Fulton races with gay candidates

According to a statement from Fulton County, the voter issues are only impacting state House Districts 58 and 59.

The Democratic primary for House District 58 is a race between incumbent state Rep. Simone Bell, who is a lesbian, and incumbent state Rep. Ralph Long.

House District 59 is the Democratic primary between incumbent and LGBT-friendly candidate Margaret Kaiser versus openly gay William Phelps, a veteran of the Afghanistan war.

On Bell’s Facebook page, she offers information to voters who may be experiencing problems:

If a problem arises, we have a staff of dedicated professionals ready to address it. If you are not allowed to vote, have to fill out a provisional ballot, or unsure of your polling location, call the Democratic Party of Georgia at (678) 278-2012.

Polls close at 7 p.m. Have any voters encountered problems at the polls today? If so, please let us know in the comment section below.