Lesbian elected officials honored by Victory Fund

You go, girls

At the close of Women’s History Month, the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund released a video paying tribute to “out women in politics.”

An interview with U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc.), the first out lesbian elected to Congress, includes her stating how proud she is of achievements from “lesbian sisters across this country and across the globe.”

A special shout out from the Victory Fund goes to Georgia’s own state Rep. Simone Bell (D-Atlanta), the first African-American open lesbian elected to a state legislature in the country. Read the GA Voice profile of Bell here.

And while achievements have been made with the elections of these women as well as Annise Parker, the mayor of Houston, one of the largest cities in the country, and New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the Victory Fund also says more needs to be done and asks for support of several other out women running for office:

•    Nickie Antonio could make history as the first openly LGBT person elected to the Ohio state legislature.
•    Lucía Guzmán, running for State Senate in Colorado, is poised to join just three other openly LGBT Hispanics in state legislatures.
•    And State Rep. Cathy Connolly is the only openly LGBT elected official in all of Wyoming, the first state to grant women the right to vote.

H/t The Advocate