Pete Buttigieg Places Third in National Poll

After reaching third place in Iowa polls, gay Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg has placed similarly in a poll from Change Research among Democrat primary voters nationwide.Buttigieg placed third in a pol...

Bernie Sanders Announces Bid for 2020 Presidency

Independent senator Bernie Sanders has announced he will be running for president in the 2020 election, reported Gay Star News.Sanders ran in 2016 as a Democrat, despite being an independent democratic soci...

Stacey Abrams Appears in 2018 Atlanta Pride Parade

Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams graced this year’s Pride Parade yesterday afternoon.The Democrat rode through the streets of Atlanta atop a white Jeep, framed by rainbow balloons, while waving a rainb...
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DuBose Porter tells Ga. Democratic LGBT Caucus he will be strong advocate for gay marriage


A messy divorce, a gay cousin from DeKalb County who traveled to New York to get legally married, the influence of young Democrats, being a self-proclaimed "bald-head fat redneck" — these are the reasons DuBose Porter, the new chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia, gave as to how he evolved on the issue on marriage equality.

Porter spoke about his "evolution" at today's Democratic Party LGBT Caucus meeting where he spoke openly and frankly about his past and what he hopes for the future of the party on progressive issues, including gay marriage.