Good Luck Gourmet is ‘pretty damn hot!’

When Gu’s Bistro closed about a year ago, Atlanta lovers of Chinese cuisine wept. That’s not to say they weren’t weeping when the restaurant was open, since its menu featured Sichuan cuisine, China’s spiciest. ...

Crawfish Shack Seafood: A ‘fried-tastic’ mess

Normally, I don’t bother to review really disappointing restaurants, but Crawfish Shack Seafood (4337 Buford Hwy, 404-329-1610, is a place I have raved about like few others since it o...

Food Review: Ticonderoga Club at Krog Street Market

"Who comes here and pays these prices?” my friend Ryan asked as we buzzed around the jam-packed Krog Street Market (KSM) food hall on a recent Friday night. “Midtown hipsters,” I said, then walked it back. “...
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Food Porn #4: Playing it safe, with spices and sex

Food Porn

“Is it spiiiicy?” a man at the second meeting of the Food Porn Supper Club whined to the server. They were at Stir It Up in Little Five Points and the whiner was determined to find the blandest thing on the menu.

“Jamaican food is by definition spicy,” someone at the table said. “But it’s not all spicy-hot.”

Robert, host of the club, wanted to tie the whiner up and torture him with Scotch Bonnet chili peppers, the world’s hottest. Nothing annoyed him as much as people’s aversion to spicy food. He’d given up taking most friends to ethnic restaurants along Buford Highway, for example.

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Food Porn: #3: Robert gets cloned at Watershed

Food Porn

Robert looked around the dining room of the new Watershed on Peachtree and marveled at how dark and woody it was compared to the original restaurant in Decatur.  Indigo Girl Emily Saliers, the owner, had closed that one and reopened in this new south Buckhead location.

“I hear it looks very different,” said Robert’s date, Brandon.

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Food Porn: Supper club for the husband-hungry

Food Porn

Robert Lingston, a longtime resident of Midtown Atlanta, dipped his napkin in his water glass and rubbed a dribble of a garlic-laden sauce off his red polo shirt. He looked across the table at his friend Janet and sighed. 

“I’m having a midlife crisis,” he said, looking around the room. He pushed each sleeve of his shirt up to better reveal his biceps. “I really am.”

“Isn’t this like your second or third midlife crisis?” Janet asked.

They were at Pura Vida in Poncey-Highland. Robert, a dedicated but gym-compulsive foodie, loved Chef Hector Santiago’s tapas. His favorite was the Puerto-Rican classic, mofongo – mashed plantains, carnitas and bits of pork cracklings.