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Activist who said he felt ‘duped’ by Brandon White now backs off his accusations

Gary Nichols, who publicly accused Brandon White of agitating his attackers by threatening to expose them for being gay, issued a lengthy explanation Sunday on Facebook for his actions.

White, 20, who was attacked by gang members on Feb. 4 in southwest Atlanta as they repeatedly called him “faggot,” has said he did not know his attackers. But this claim came under scrutiny by gay members of Change Atlanta as well as Nichols.

On CBS Atlanta, Devin Barrington Ward, Nichols and others accused White of lying about not knowing his attackers.  White’s attorney stated White did not know his attackers and called the actions of Change Atlanta as well as Nichols as “reckless”; she also wondered if the young men were seeking their 15 minutes of fame.

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Independent task force releases YouthPride findings ahead of tonight’s community forum

The independent task force investigating the ongoing viability of YouthPride released its findings today ahead of a planned community forum set for 7 p.m. tonight at Saint Mark United Methodist Church.

The report was originally intended to be completed last month, but was “delayed due to a failure of YouthPride leadership to adhere to their previously agreed cooperation with the Task Force,” according to task force member Charlie Stadtlander.

Among the report’s findings are that the organization is violating its own bylaws by not having a fully staffed board of directors, YouthPride has no evidence its filed 941 payroll tax filings for Sept. 2011 or Dec. 2011, personal medical records of clients are unaccounted – possibly violating HIPPA regulations –  and the organization’s last annual budget was ended in September 2011.

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Atlanta ‘Rick Bus’ stop draws local, national activists

Members of Soulforce at the 'Rick Bus' protest

Around 30 supporters of GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum gathered outside of the Georgia Capitol today as part of the Susan B. Anthony List’s “Rick Bus” tour. Noticeably absent was Maggie Gallagher, former chair of the National Organization for Marriage.

Gallagher had been slated to speak at the event as late as today, according to the group’s website. An organizer for today’s rally said Gallagher was in Minnesota and was unable to make it to Georgia in time for the rally.

Several speakers addressed the handful of attendees who gathered to support Santorum ahead of the state’s Super Tuesday primary. A few Georgia politicians and a small group of local supporters were on-hand for today’s rally.

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[Videos] YouthPride ED accused of ‘hijacking’ town hall forum


Rushing in some 45 minutes after a town hall forum had already started on the viability and stability of YouthPride, the agency’s executive director almost immediately began arguing with the forum’s volunteer organizers.

YouthPride Executive Director Terence McPhaul also disputed the independent task force’s presentation on the finances of the agency, which showed it to be almost $81,000 in debt. The forum was held March 6 in the sanctuary of Saint Mark United Methodist Church.

Some 25 young people attended the meeting, seated in the front two rows of the church, joined by another approximate 20 people including task force members and concerned citizens. The meeting because raucous at times when McPhaul repeatedly cut off people as they tried to speak and angrily denied the agency was facing the crisis that the ad hoc committees uncovered after weeks of research.

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