5 LGBT things you need to know today, Sept. 17

1. Two Russian TV presenters have admitted to pranking Elton John by posing as Vladimir Putin on that phone call, inviting the singer to a Moscow Pride rally.

2. Speaking of pranks and Putin, a Finnish comedy hip hop duo (that's the one and only time we'll ever be typing that phrase again, ever) don't like the country's gay propaganda law, so they erected a makeshift gay bar on a plot of land belonging to the president, basing it on the Blue Oyster bar from the “Police Academy” films.

3. “Teaching sexual behavior outside the context of morality would be offensive to many U46 parents. Are we as concerned about offending families who hold traditional values as we are with offending those who make the behavioral choices highlighted in this curriculum?” A school board member in Chicago is objecting to an anti-bullying program plan that includes teaching children that it's wrong to call people “gay,” saying that calling someone “gay” is not the same as calling someone “girly” or “mentally retarded” because being gay is a choice and being a woman or mentally handicapped is not. 

4. “I’ve never known such a compassionate, loving child and I don’t want your hate-filled existence making her any less than she is.” See what this guy wrote to his little sister's bully after the boy said it was “disgusting” that she had a gay brother.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: In the first of Thursday night's GOP debates, presidential candidate and certified anti-LGBT hatemonkey Rick Santorum compared Kentucky court clerk Kim Davis to a student killed in the Columbine massacre.