Someone steals Sister Louisa’s phone — and there’s a video of it

Henry is seen sitting at the table below a set of bull horns when the phone was taken. A friend cropped an image from the video for a more close up image of the alleged thief, posted above. Henry writes on his Facebook page next to this photo, “The guy in the white top jacket is the guy who stole it.”

Anyway, to help a sister out, check out the video on Henry’s Facebook page and if you know the guy who took the phone, tell him to return it as soon as possible or let Henry know how to reach the bum.

I mean really, who steals during Sunday service except the lowest of the low?

Check the video out at this link — but you can only see the video if you are a friend of Grant Henry on Facebook. Otherwise, check out the photo above.

UPDATE: Henry has made the video available to the public — just click the above link.

Editor’s note: A different photo ran with an earlier version of this story.