[Video] Taking a peek into black gay Atlanta

Two reality TV shows depicting black gay life in Atlanta have been in the works and are, from what we understand, being pitched and looking for a spot on a TV lineup.

First, Melissa Scott, or DJ M, promoter of Traxx Girls, a lesbian entertainment company, is part of a show called “My Secret Society” that looks behind the scenes of black lesbian nightlife as well as the lives of those who do the partying.

From the show’s website: “My Secret Society” – is an intimate look at seven cosmopolitan women living in Atlanta GA who work, party and play together within the entertainment industry. The friends share a similar secret only uncovered within their society.

No word on when and where the show may air, but Traxx Girls parties were being filmed for the series during last year’s Black Gay Pride fest. Take a look at a clip of what happened with Traxx Girls at Black Gay Pride — including partying with Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose — here. Very hot and spicy.

Another show, focused on the men, is called “The Life.” Look at the trailer of this show here.

However, the comments on YouTube about “The Life” are hardly kind and as Darian Aaron points out on his blog Living Out Loud with Darian, “If the YouTube comments are any indication of how this show will be received by mainstream America then black gay men everywhere better get prepared for some fierce dialogue. I’ll be watching with one eye closed. The network hosting the series has yet to be announced.”

So, what do you think? Interesting? Will you watch? We’re staying tuned to see if one or both of these shows do make it to the small screen.

Here’s the trailer for “My Secret Society” which includes appearances by some “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and, hey, there’s also a short clip including lesbian bar “My Sisters’ Room.”