[Video] How to make a Chick-fil-Gay sandwich and not support anti-gay hate

There was a local protest of Chick-fil-A’s Leadercast conference in Atlanta in 2011 that pointed out the fast-food restaurant’s anti-gay donations to organization such as the Family Research Council, the Alliance Defense Fund (recently renamed to the Alliance Defending Freedom) and Serving Marriages Inc.

And Equality Matters reported earlier this month Chick-fil-A donated some $2 million to anti-gay groups in 2011 through its Winshape Foundation, the restaurant’s charitable organizations.

So if hate causes you heartburn and you still crave a tasty fried chicken sandwich with a pickle, check out this video from Hilah Cooking. No MSG included and you can have two slices of dill pickles, too.

Cartoon by Mike Ritter for GA Voice