Parents should admire gay prom teen’s courage

To the editors:

Thank you for the excellent article regarding Derrick Martin (“Prom King,”April 2). The story of this young man and his boyfriend is truly an inspiration to all people gay or straight.

I was saddened to read about his parent’s reaction by pushing him to leave the family home. No matter what a child has done, that person is always a son or daughter needing compassion, love and security.

From the raw courage Derrick expresses in the article as well as his responses to anti-gay slurs and treatment by some members of the Cochran community, it appears he has a strong will and level head to make it on his own.

It is truly a distressing day when parents don’t behave as parents and follow the judgment or beliefs they may have been raised on without seeing the biggest picture of all and that is of their son.

Alan Akin, Atlanta