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Speaking Out: Readers react to DADT debate

John McCain on wrong side of history with military gay ban

Re: “Service chiefs say DADT should be repealed but question timing” (Dec. 3)

“1948-1953 were the years Truman’s integration of blacks into the armed forced took place, that was during the Korean War. I would think that was a far greater undertaking considering back home they still had to use separate entrances and water fountains.”

“I am amazed at Sen. John McCain’s uneasiness about this; his hostility and resistance to testimony is astounding. Yesterday he got into it with Admiral Mullen, and kept talking about waiting on these Service Chiefs today. However, he seems to have already made his mind up and is wasting the time of the panel with talk of Wikileaks, tax cuts, etc. He is the one making this political (talking about his re-election, bleh). I used to have a modicum of respect for the man, but I fear a gelatinous spine is all that remains from being saddled with La Palin.”

“What someone needs to say to John McCain during these televised hearings: ‘Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?'”

“So, yesterday McCain said he didn’t respect the president or the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and he wanted to hear from the chiefs. Today he did. So what’s his stalling tactic/excuse today?”

“McCain only heard what he wanted to hear. He said that it was clear from the testimony that it should not change now, even though every one of them said they could make it happen now (though would like to wait until 2012 or a time of no war) and all said they would rather Congress clearly change it now than for another court ruling to muddy the waters.”

“I can’t blame the judges (much) for the injunctions, etc. while [a court ruling striking down “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”] is under appeal: After all, this is not something you can suspend and then start reinforcing if the appeals succeed. “Hey everyone, I’m gay!” … “OK, the appeal was successful. Everyone forget who came out during the past six months.” So I agree with the chiefs: For everyone’s sake we need to end this cleanly with a reasonable timetable to implement the recommendations presented earlier this week.”

Will Georgia’s new governor really help people with AIDS?

Re: “AIDS activists ask Gov.-elect Nathan Deal to add $5 million to drug program” (Dec. 2)

“Asking is fine, but I’d be surprised if you get it. I hope he comes through with his promises.”

“Yeah, good luck with that one. Republican administration = screw those who can’t provide for themselves.”

‘It Gets Better’ for gays = it gets worse for GOP

Re: “Dan Savage calls out Republicans for not participating in ‘It Gets Better’ campaign” (Nov. 30)

“The problem is, when it gets better for us, it gets worse for most Republican goals (just look at the platforms they run on.) It’s counterintuitive to appear in a video supporting people you think are defective or evil.”

“It would be nice if Sarah Palin took a stand and made a video, especially after the recent controversy with her daughter and her homophobic Facebook comments. Seems highly unlikely, but maybe Meghan McCain will.”