5 LGBT things you need to know today, Feb. 17

1. Remember that florist in Washington state who refused service to a gay couple in 2013? The state Supreme Court ruled this week that she broke Washington’s anti-discrimination law. Her lawyers plan to take the decision to the US Supreme Court.

2. Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio is on the cover of Vogue Paris this month. It’s Sampaio’s first-ever Vogue cover … and it’s also Vogue’s first-ever cover featuring a transgender model.

3. Ah, a perfect story for the first day our Pink Dollar issue goes on newsstands: According to a new study by health economist Erik Lamontagne, homophobia costs the world about $100 billion each year.

4. Not your average fairytale: Two Australian men paired up to write a gay fairytale — which also features some badass women; no damsels in distress here — they hope will inspire LGBT children and prevent more teen suicides due to homophobic bullying.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: What happens when you’re a gay man in Syria and you manage to escape as a refugee to Turkey … only to discover they don’t want you either? A new Turkish documentary explores the issue.