Atlanta City Councilmember Alex Wan sent out an e-mail asking that residents move their cars off the streets so the city’s neighborhood roads could begin to be cleared of snow and ice.

Wan, who is gay, represents District 6, home to Midtown and many of the city’s gay residents and businesses.

Wan’s statement read:

“We are asking the citizens of Atlanta to IMMEDIATELY remove their vehicle from the city streets (both legally parked/abandoned vehicles) so efforts can be made to clean the snow/ice off the roadway. The equipment being used is heavy equipment; if vehicles are left on the roadway they may become damaged as these trucks are attempting to clean the roadway.”

Councilmember Wan: Hey, Midtown, move your cars off the street

Wan also said that trash collections will resume when the conditions of the roads improve.

If you need to report icy conditions, please call 404-546-2615 or 404-853-3200.