Health & Fitness gear

Sure, you don’t need new clothes, shoes, or cool gadgets to work out or improve your health. But shopping for something new and fun can sometimes be just the motivation you need to push forward with your fitness plan.

Here are few items we like to get you workout ready.

Nike+ running shoes and app
Shoes: $90 and up | Sensor: $19 |

Nike and Apple team up to make your run high-tech. Choose from a variety of Nike+ running shoes in men’s and women’s sizes, from more traditional soles to the barefoot-like “Free Run” styles — you can even customize your shoes online. Insert the sensor in your shoe and sync with the Nike+ app on your iPhone or iPod to track your distance, speed, time and calories, with real time updates voiced over your favorite iTunes playlists.

When you finish your run, upload the results to the Nike+ website where you can keep cumulative stats, map your routes, share fitness challenges, and more. Don’t want to use your iPod or iPhone? The sensor also works with a special sports band and sports watch.

Liberty BottleworksLiberty Bottleworks water bottles
$16-$18 |

Liberty Bottleworks water bottles are made in the United States of 100 percent recycled aluminum, so you can help the Earth by ditching disposable plastic water bottles for good. They are also BPA free and come in 24 oz. and 32 oz. sizes.

LASC String TankLASC String Tank

Everything old is new again, as this vintage-ish string tank top is one of Boy Next Door’s most popular items. It comes in an assortment of solids and stripes so you can stand out doing your reps wherever you chose to work out.

Available at Boy Next Door, 1447 Piedmont AvenueNE, Atlanta, GA 30309. 404- 873-2664.

Tinker Tank shirtTinker Tank
$49 |

It’s hard to find anything we don’t like at this web retailer for sportier girls, part of the GAP family of stores. Offered in solids and several prints, the Tinker Tank features wicking fabric and racer-back so it won’t constrict your range of motion. It’s great for yoga, the gym, hiking or just casual wear. Available in regular and plus sizes, the loose fit around the belly hides tummy bulge while the built in bra provides support and promises to turn “headlights into low lights.”

Short shortsN2N Sport Slit Short

As many gay men will attest, an athletic short-short is among the most important workout necessities. They’re perfect for showing of your gams at the gym, and even better for those post-workout cellphone pics!

Available at Boy Next Door, 1447 Piedmont AvenueNE, Atlanta, GA 30309. 404- 873-2664.

Luke Snow shoesLuke Snow Patent Leather Shoes

For the fasionable athlete on the go, these classic black sneakers work well for the casual office and the gym. Available at Boy Next Door, 1447 Piedmont AvenueNE, Atlanta, GA 30309. 404- 873-2664.

Half Dome hoodieHalf Dome Hoodie
$75 |

How can we not love this retailer named for Title IX, the legislation that requires schools that receive federal funds to give girls and women equal opportunity in sports? Available in sizes from 4 to 16, this cool hoodie in heathered French terry is perfect for the gym, or just wearing out, especially on warmer winter days or as spring nears. We like this color, dubbed Beluga, and it also comes in Carrot and Spinach.