Meghan McCain speaks at Georgia college campuses next week

From the Kennesaw University website, McCain will “give her perspective on the future of the Republican Party, the role of a younger generation of Republicans and a movement to redefine Republican stereotypes and values. After a brief speech, McCain will open the floor for questions about social issues, marriage equality and the future of the Republican Party. A reception and book signing of her memoir ‘Dirty Sexy Politics: A True Story’ will follow.”

McCain spoke at the Log Cabin Republicans national convention in 2009 and wrote an article titled “Memo to the GOP: Go Gay” on The Daily Beast about why she was doing so.

“And just like the civil-rights and feminist movements before this, the movement toward gay equality and gay marriage is one I have absolute faith will triumph over prejudices. Moreover, I believe the Republican Party has, at this moment, the opportunity to come forward and play an instrumental role in securing gay rights. That’s why I’m speaking at the Log Cabin convention and couldn’t be prouder to be doing so. And yes, I’m still a Republican. Get used to it,” McCain wrote.