5 LGBT things you need to know today, June 10

1. The AP reports on how a U.S. Supreme Court ruling against marriage equality would cause legal “chaos.”

2. “Santorum calls crowd of 4 in rural Iowa a success.” There’s our headline of the day courtesy of The Des Moines Register. GOP presidential contender Rick Santorum also told one restaurant patron that same-sex marriage was a threat not just to family but to religious liberty.

3. “I’m giving a commonsense answer to the insanity that’s going on out there.” Meanwhile, fellow GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee doubled down on his recent transphobic remarks about showering with girls.

4. “If our federal parliament votes to change the timeless and organic definition of marriage later on this year, it will have moved against the fundamental and foundational building block of Australian society and, indeed, human culture everywhere.” A man in Australia says he will divorce his wife if same-sex marriage is legalized in the country. Said no one else, ever.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Target released a video to celebrate Pride Month.