Big Freedia bounces hard in the ATL


At Monday’s show, Big Freedia came out to mingle with early arrivers to the show and to give a dance class. She showed hipster kids how to shake their skinny asses and nobody was not smiling and laughing the entire time. Keep your legs closed when you shake your ass, put your hands on the floor, grab a pole or table, grab the wall. Just keep shaking your ass. And with the beats of her music and rapping, it’s plain impossible not to bounce and bounce and bounce.


When she finally came on for her set, Big Freedia then invited all her students to jump on stage with her to show their new moves. It was pandemonium. And it was exhilerating.

In 2010, the New York Times had an article titled, “New Orleans’s Gender Bending Rap” and shared the stories of those leading the Sissy Bounce scene, including Big Freedia, Katey Red and Sissy Nobby, who appeared at Atlanta’s own Mondo Homo in 2010.



This music is made for all people. But be prepared to shake that ass. Check out more photos from the show by clicking here.


Photos by Dyana Bagby