Ashleigh Atwell

Ashleigh Atwell: LGBT allies—show up, do the work

It’s officially summer and that means two things: it’s hot as the devil’s toenails here in Georgia and it’s Pride season. LGBT folks across the country are gearing up to march, spectate and shine at celebration...

PRIDE MAGAZINE salutes local black trans activists

The online LGBT publication PRIDE is recognizing the liberating work of 17 black transgender activists, six of which happen to be Atlanta residents. Raquel Willis, an emerging voice in local trans activism comp...

Activists in Action: Youth activist Quita Tinsley

Quita Tinsley, 25, is pursuing her master’s degree in Women’s Gender and Sexuality at Georgia State University while also working (for the past year) as the youth activist network organizer at SPARK Reproductiv...

Book Review: The Right Side of History

Somebody got you started.That’s the hard part, and often, that’s all you need: a forward-thinking person to lay the framework so you can roll with a project, adding, subtracting, shaping...
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Activists: Ga. HIV criminalization law promotes stigma

HIV criminalization meeting

Georgia's HIV criminalization laws are heavy-handed and unnecessary, according to activists who addressed a crowd of about 100 at the Phillip Rush Center on Tuesday evening.

Many states, including Georgia, have made it a felony for HIV-positive people to have sex with someone who is HIV-negative without disclosing their status, even if protection, like condoms, is used and even if the disease is not transmitted.

"My Fabulous Disease" blogger Mark King organized the event, which included Georgia Equality Executive Director Jeff Graham, AID Atlanta's Craig Washington, Lambda Legal's Greg Nevins, SERO Project Executive Director Sean Strub and Assistant Director Robert Suttle.

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Maggie Lopez: Activism, art and surviving ‘the C word’

Maggie Lopez on battling cancer and activism

Maggie Lopez, 51, moved to the U.S. as a child with her family as political refugees on one of the Pan Am freedom flights during the Castro revolution. She now has a successful art business in Atlanta and likes to pay it forward through many charity works. She recently underwent surgery for breast cancer and is continuing her recovery process.

GA Voice: What’s Atlanta best nightspot — past or present?

Maggie Lopez: Atlanta’s best nightspot is and has always been... Atlanta itself. Our people create the vibe. It’s really not about light fixtures or banquettes. Certain house parties here are more legendary than any nightclub.

You are involved in many nonprofits, especially For the Kid In All of Us. Why is this organization so important to you?