The QJL has already created a Facebook event page and calls for “anyone who is outraged” to attend the meeting.

“We encourage anyone who is as outraged as we are by the lack of action from Senator Chambliss to gather so we can plan an appropriate response. This hate speech occurred in our backyard and this is our battle. We here in Atlanta must stand up to let our Senator and the nation know that hate speech will not be tolerated here.”

For more information on the meeting, please visit the event’s Facebook page.

Chambliss’ office responded to our request for a comment late today:

“We have engaged the office of the Senate Sergeant at Arms in an internal review. The SAA has worked side by side with our personnel to determine whether the comment in question emanated from our office. That appears to be the case. There has not been a determination as to who posted the comment. That part of the review is ongoing, and is now in the hands of the Senate Sergeant at Arms.”

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