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Gay reporter seeking to solve Atlanta mystery art project

I came into the office this morning and found a manilla envelope on my keyboard, addressed to me at the GA Voice office. My name and the address were handwritten. No return address.

Interesting, I wonder what this is all about, I thought. My co-workers wanted to make sure there was no anthrax in the envelope.

I opened the manilla envelope and inside there was a white envelope with one of those plastic windows and I could see $10 bill was inside. One the front of the envelope in the top left corner was written, "for you." On the back of the envelope was written, "follow your narrative urge!" followed by a "#45".

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Robert Sherer: Blood, censorship and a man’s inner thighs

Robert Sherer

Robert Sherer is known around the world for his provocative artwork, including a series called “Blood Works” that incorporated HIV-positive and HIV-negative blood into botanical illustrations.

Exhibits of his male nude drawings have been censored four times, but in 2007 he won the Lorenzo de Medici medal for his homoerotic wood-burnings. He is an art professor at Kennesaw State University and is working to endow a scholarship for out LGBT students.

Sherer and his partner, William Cash, are now featured in the book “100 Artists of the Male Figure” by E. Gibbons. Cash and Sherer appear at Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse on April 21 to sign copies of the book.