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President Obama marks World AIDS Day

Today, the White House will mark World AIDS Day by hosting a panel discussion with HIV/AIDS researchers and advocates that will stream live on the White House’s website at 1:30 p.m.

President Obama is also scheduled to give an address.

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CDC report: More HIV tests than ever, but still 1 in 5 don’t know they have virus

Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, CDC director

While more adults are being tested for HIV in the U.S. than ever before, there are still one in five, or 200,000 people, who have HIV and don't know it, according to new information released today by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in Atlanta.

The news comes the day before World AIDS Day on Dec. 1.

The CDC reported today that since 2006, when it recommended HIV testing become a routine part of health care for adults and adolescents and more frequent testing for those at high risk — including bisexual and gay men —that there has been an increase of 11.4 million people who have been tested for HIV.

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Innovative work continues in effort to find HIV vaccine

The search for an HIV vaccine continues

The first world war of the 21st century isn’t about land, power or domination — it’s against a disease, say HIV/AIDS activists and researchers.

As of this fall there were 86 different HIV vaccine-related studies in the field with an additional 16 planned to go live over the next several months. Each study offered a different concept or twist hoping to find an effective way of preventing the spread of HIV.

In 2009, the results were announced from a three-year trial that followed more than 15,000 people in Thailand, and while the vaccine was only 31 percent effective it has encouraged researchers that a vaccine is possible.

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HIV drug maker and test supplier on the fight against HIV ahead of World AIDS Day

The CEOs of Atlanta-based GeoVax Labs and Chembio Diagnostics, Inc. came together to promote new rapid HIV testing and vaccine developments last week ahead of World AIDS Day on Dec. 1.

Bob McNally, Ph.D., CEO of GeoVax Labs, highlights his company’s efforts in a search for an HIV/AIDS vaccine, while Larry Siebert, CEO of Chembio Diagnostics, Inc., discusses advancements in rapid testing for the disease in a short video promo.

Both men say the most important issue in the fight against HIV is awareness. According to McNally, an estimated 2.7 million people per year contract the disease.